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Journal of the Korean Home Economics Association 2004;42(8):95-112.
중앙아시아에 거주하는 고려인의 주생활에 관한 연구 -카자흐스탄을 중심으로-
A Study on the Dwellings of Korean Diaspora of Kazakhstan in Central Asia
Young Shim Lee, Jae Soon Cho, Sang Hae Lee, Jae Kook Joung
Dept. of Architecture, SungKyunKwan University, Home Economics of Education, Korea National University of Education, School of Architecture, Kwandon University
Most of the Korean Diaspora who lived in Yunhaeju moved to Central Asia in 1937 following the deportation policy of Russia. The Korean Diaspora has maintained the traditional way of living for 140 years without a deep relationship with Korea. This study examined the dwellings of the Korean Diaspora of Kazakhstan in Central Asia through visiting their houses and conducting interviews. The results of the research were as follows. 1) The houses of the Korean Diaspora in Kazakhstan in early times consisted of Jungjigan which has Gudle and one bedroom. Gudle is the most traditional element of the Korean Diaspora's house and it is generally used as a place to gather family members. 2) The Korean Diaspora's houses in Kazakhstan were basically built according to Russian style but with a slightly different way of living inside. 3) The changing process of planning and building code of apartments in Kazakhstan is similar to that in Russia and other CIS nations. 4) Korean's food style is one mixed with Korean, Russian and Central Asian foods and Kimchi and Jang(bean paste) are the essential elements for most Koreans. 5) Koreans are very active to develop a relationship with Kazaks, Uighurs, and Russians and this enables the exchange of their culture eventually. This study is the first step to supply basic information for study of the Korean Diaspora in Central Asia and deeper research is necessary with a wide range in Russia.
Keywords: 한인동포, Korean Diaspora, 중앙아시아, Central Asia, 카자흐스탄, Kazakhstan, 러시아 생활양식, Russian Life style, 전통생활양식, traditional way of Living, 문화 교류, culture exchange
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