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Journal of the Korean Home Economics Association 2003;41(10):149-171.
가정과 교육과정 구성을 위한 가정과의 성격, 내용구조, 가정과교육을 통하여 갖추어야 할 소양에 대한 기초 연구(1): 델파이 조사연구
경상대학교 가정교육과, 과학교육연구센터
A Basic Study for The Development of secondary Home Economics Curriculum on Characteristics and Contents Structure of Home Economics, Literacy through Home Economics Education(I): A Delphi Study
Tae-Myung Yoo
Depart. of Home Economics Education, Science Education Research Center, Gyeongsang National University
This study was carried out as a basic fundamental research to propose a theoretical framework for Home Economics curriculum. This research employed the Delphi Method to reach a consensus with the experts in each related educational field of study for putting forth a newly proposed theoretical framework of a Home Economics curriculum. The finally proposed theoretical framework will definitely play a crucial role in establishing a standard framework for educational goals and curriculum content for Home Economics curriculum since it is put forth with a strong agreement from a high proportion of the expert groups. Results on the nature and characteristics of, structural framework of curriculum contents, and literacy through Home Economics were drawn from the 3-round Delphi survey: 1. Home economics has a liberal and practical-critical nature and it promotes enhancement of quality of life through a practical problem-solving process in maintaining family life. 2. The structural framework of the home economics curriculum contents is organized with three-dimensional components of content area (dimension 1), process area (dimension 2), focus of organizing content (dimension 3). 3. One's empowering capability through home economics education is proposed: inquiring knowledge and understanding phenomena for future society, solving practical problems in family life, developing higher order thinking skill, cultivating a positive attitude and a values system toward life.
Keywords: 가정과 교육과정, home economics curriculum, 델파이 연구, delphi study, 가정과의 성격, characteristics of home economics, 내용구조, contents structure, 소양, literacy
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