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Journal of the Korean Home Economics Association 2001;39(2):131-146.
얼굴 매력성과 의복 적절성이 특질 판단에 미치는 영향
정명선1, 김재숙2
전남대학교 가정대학 의류학과, 가정과학연구소 연구원1, 충남대학교 생활과학대학 의류학과2
The Effects of Facial Attractiveness and Appropriateness of Clothing on The Trait Evaluation
정명선1, 김재숙2
The main purpose of this study, based on implicit personality theory and attribution theory, was to examine whether there exist the physical attractiveness stereotype, "what is beautiful is good," in the present Korea, and if exist, what is the content of it. The index of the physical attractiveness of this study was the facial attractiveness judged by 30 female university students. The appropriateness of clothing was manipulated by 4 types of clothing perceived appropriate for two assumed situations by female university students. Three female faces having high, medium, and low attractiveness were simulated with the same body dressed four types of clothing using CAD system, and a total of 12 stimulus persons were created. A total of 524 male and female(262 of male, 262 of female) university students from 3 universities in Kwangju, Korea were participated as subjects in this study. The design for the experiment was a 342 randomaized factorial, with three levels of facial attractiveness (high, medium, low), and four types attire(formal-masculine, formal-feminine, casual-masculine, casual-feminine), two kinds of context (job interview, dating) in which perceptions were occurred. The data were analysed using factor analysis, MANOVA, t-test and Duncan test. The results were as follows: 1. The facial attractiveness exerted significant positive effects on the evaluation of sociability, adjustment, and potency of her in both of two assumed situations (p<.001, respectively). 2. The appropriateness of stimulus person′s clothing had significant positive erect on the evaluation of sociability of stimulus person in dating context(p<.001). 3. The gender of subjects did not influenced the trait evaluations in both of two assumed situations.
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