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Journal of the Korean Home Economics Association 2001;39(2):25-40.
성인여성의 연령집단별 유방형태 분석에 관한 연구
김영숙1, 손희순2
서남대학교 패션디자인학과1, 숙명여자대학교 의류학과2
A Study on the Breast Shapes of Adult Women according to the Age
김영숙1, 손희순2
The purpose of this study is to provide for the basic data useful to the development of the quality of brassiere featuring a good wearing feeling and an effect of reinstating and correcting breast shape. For this purpose, 220 adult women aged between 20 and 59 were sampled to survey their actual breast shapes. The results of this study can be summarized as follows; 1 According to the increase of age, the items of height were decreased and items of width, depth, circumference and length were increased, being obeser and breast point were drooped. So volume and bottom are3 of breast of 40.50′s women′s age group were larger than 20.30′s women′s age group and breast point width of 40.50′s women was being wider by increase of interior dimensions of breast. 2. The components of adult women′s breast shape can be categorized into "obesity of breast", "upper dimensions of breast and drop", "lower dimensions of breast and drop", "location of breast point and vertical size of breast", "interior dimensions of breast", "exterior dimensions of breast" Such components of breast shape very in terms of weight or apparence depending on ages. Older women tend to have more droopy and widen breasts.
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