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Original Articles
1 A Study of the Underground Spaces for Future Housing
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):1-12.
13 Consumer Attitudes and Needs for Housing Information Sources and Contents
怨쎌씤닕1, 媛뺤닚二2, 沅뚯삤젙2, 源뀈3, 源꽑以4, 諛뺢꼍삦5, 諛뺤젙씗6, 씠寃쏀씗7, 議곗옱닚8
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):13-26.
27 Parental Physical Violence Toward Adolescents in Family - Focused on individual and family characteristics -
븳寃쏀삙1, 源쁺씗2
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):27-40.
41 Coping Behavior and Perceived Economic Well-being of the Housing-subsidized Single-mother Family
쁽誘, 理쒖꽑궓
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):41-54.
55 Recall and Development of Organizations Strategy for List Types and Category Typicality in Children
쑄寃쏀씗1, 씠寃쎈떂2
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):55-72.
73 The Development and The Current Condition of Home Economics in China
臾몄닕옱1, 議곗꽦2
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):73-84.
85 The Preferences of The Elderly for Their Care Types and Contributing Factors
源삙뿰1, 源꽦씗2
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):85-98.
99 The Effect of Family System Functiong, Parent & Child Factor and Parent-child Relation on Adolescent's Psychological Well-being: Focusing on the Causal Relations of Adolescedent's Depression and Related Variables
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):99-112.
113 The Detergency Improvement and Fabric Damage in the Washing Treatment by Commercial Bleaching Agents
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):113-126.
127 A study on the total housing cost of households living in rental house
怨쎌씤닕1, 源닚誘2
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):127-144.
145 The Relationship between Work-Family Conflict and Job-Life Satisfaction of Married Female Workers - Focused on Clerical and Production Workers -
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):145-158.
159 Development and evaluation of program for coping with spouse abuse
理쒓퇋젴1, 쑀씗2, 솉닕옄3, 젙삙젙4
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):159-174.
175 Adolescents and the Environment: Effects of Environmental Factors on the Socialization of Adolescents
젙쁺닕1, 源쁺씗1, 諛뺢꼍삦2, 씠씗닕2, 梨꾩젙쁽3, 씠醫낆꽠4
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 1999;37(2):175-197.
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