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The Mediation Effect of Communication on the Relationship between Solidarity and Conflict for Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren and an Adult Child: A Common Fate Model
Hye Jeong Choi, Su Kyoung Kang, Mi Ra Chung
Fam. Environ. Res. 2019;57(1):15-26.   Published online February 19, 2019
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/fer.2019.002
Structural Relationships among 4- to 5- Year-Old Children셲 Playfulness, Communication Skills, and Creative Characteristics
Mi Ra Chung, Su Kyoung Kang, Min Jeong Kim
Fam. Environ. Res. 2015;53(5):531-542.   Published online October 20, 2015
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/fer.2015.042
Effects of Experiences in Child-Care Centers on Communication Ability of Children from Multi-Cultural Families: The Moderating Effect of Mothers Korean Fluency
Yang Mi Lim, Ju Hee Park
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2012;50(8):65-77.   Published online December 30, 2012
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2012.50.8.065
A Study on the Development and Effectiveness Verification of a Program Designed to Strengthen Family Resilience of Inpatients with Cancer and Their Families
Moo-Hee Yang, Gyung-Ja Yoon
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2012;50(1):121-139.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2012.50.1.121
A Case Study for a Couple in Pre-Divorce Decision-Making Stage
Jung Ok Kim
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2011;49(10):91-101.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2011.49.10.091
Variables Influencing Communication Behavior Escalating Marital Conflict: From a Cognitive-Behavioral Perspective
Yoon A Kwon, Deuk Sung Kim
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2011;49(7):67-80.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2011.49.7.067
Relationship between Parent Communication Style and Stress Coping Styles in Adolescence: The Mediating Effects of Ego-Resiliency
Heesun Lee, Hyun-Jung Sunwoo
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2011;49(6):109-122.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2011.49.6.109
A Study on Teacher' Perception of Organizational Communication, Conflict, Commitment in Child Care Center
Dawn Chung, Hyuk Jun Moon
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2010;48(10):11-23.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2010.48.10.011
Development of a Teaching and Learning Plan for a Communication Unit for Family Members and Its Effect on Teenagers' Functional Communications and Relational Satisfaction with Their Parents
Hyun Jung Joo, Byung Eun Cho
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2010;48(8):51-65.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2010.48.8.051
The Effects of Family Structure, Parental Communication, Academic Problems, and Peer Relationship on Juvenile Delinquency
Kyu Reon Choi
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2010;48(7):33-48.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2010.48.7.033
Effects of Significance of Study, Pressure for Study and Success on Life Satisfaction among Adolescents, and the Moderating Effect of Parent-Adolescent Communication
Hyewon Kim, Songyon Cho, Min Kim
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2010;48(5):49-60.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2010.48.5.049
Intervention Effect of Group Counseling in Improving Self-Esteem, Self-Efficacy and Congruent Communication Style among Female Victims of Family Violence
Jongwon Lee
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2010;48(4):103-123.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2010.48.4.103
Maternal Knowledge of Childcare and Its Effects on Mother-Teacher Communication
Sun Hee Ahn
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2010;48(2):1-12.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2010.48.2.001
Development of a Family Relationship Enhancement Program for Runaway Youths
Moon Ja Chung, Jiny Kim, Tae Eun Kim, Nan Kyung Choi
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2010;48(1):111-125.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.6115/khea.2010.48.1.111
The Effects of Children's Shame and Communication with Their Parents on Peer Pressure
Sae-Young Han
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2009;47(8):119-130.
The Influence of Children's Emotional Expression and Sociability, and Their Mothers' Communication Pattern on Their Prosocial Behavior
Ha-Na Song, Choi, Kyoung-Sook
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2009;47(6):1-10.
The Influence of Married Couples' Argument-Communication Behaviors on Marital Satisfaction - Analyses at the Dyadic Level -
Yoon-A Kwon, Kim, Deuk-Sung
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2008;46(10):83-96.
The Influence of Parenting Stress, Communication Strategy and Socio-demographic Variables on Family Strengths
Hyuk-Jun Moon, Park, Bok-Mae
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2008;46(10):11-22.
Variables Affecting Brand Relationship Quality of Fashion Product Consumers
Jin-Mie Chae
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2008;46(8):121-133.
Development of the Dysfunctional Communication Behavior Scale for Married Couples - Focusing on Gottman's Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse -
Kwon, Yoon-A, Kim, Deuk-Sung
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2008;46(6):101-114.
Predicting Resilience of Married Couples : Focused on the Couple Violence
Bang, Hyun-Ju, Yoon, Gyung-Ja
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2006;44(12):127-137.
The Effects of Family communication and Interest in Clothing on Adolescents' Clothing Purchase Influence
Mun, Jung-Mee, Kim, Soo-Kyoung, Lim, Sook-Ja
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2006;44(12):93-103.
The Impact of Individual, Family, Friend and School Variables on Deviant Behaviors among Adolescents
Kyung-Nim Lee, Eun-Kyung Hur
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2006;44(4):111-122.
Ecological Variables on Children's Emotional Intelligence
Hyuk Jun Moon, Jang, Mi Seon
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2006;44(4):11-21.
Sexual Communication and Marital Quality of the Korean Married People in their 30s and 40s
Young-Joo Nam, Ok, Sun-Wha, Kim, Ji-Ae
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2006;44(2):113-126.
Parent-Child Communication, Peer-Relationship and Internet Addiction in Children
Youn Hwa Kim, Chong, Young Sook
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2005;43(10):103-114.
The Current State of Wife Abuse and Related Variables in Seosan City, Chungnam Province
Jongwon Lee, Ok Sun Wha, Nam Youngjoo
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2005;43(8):141-159.
Exploratory Research on Perfume Consumption and Purchase Behaviors
Eunah Yoh
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2004;42(9):177-193.
Path Model for Adolescents' Internet-Related Delinquencies and Related Variables
씠寃쎈떂, 븯뿰誘
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2004;42(5):127-143.
Qualitative Analysis on Digital Divide between Parents and Children and its Consequences on Communication, Conflict, and Consumer Socialization
諛뺣챸씗, 씠꽦由
J. Korean Home Econ. Assoc. 2004;42(5):11-25.
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